Registration Date Patent No. Title of the Invention Patentee
2018-09-12 10-1899776 OSS 저탄소 자동화터미널의 오버헤드 셔틀 장치 및 그의 컨테이너 측정 방법 SEOHO Electric
2018-09-12 10-1899775 OSS 저탄소 자동화터미널의 오버헤드 셔틀 장치 및 그의 제어방법 SEOHO Electric
2017-11-21 10-1801526-00-00 Automatic landing system and method of container loading device using spreader camera image SEOHO Electric
2011-06-14 10-1042899-00-00 Power regeneration device and control method SEOHO Electric
2011-01-25 10-1011953-00-00 Self-positioning system, method and recording medium for container transport vehicle SEOHO Electric, Korea Maritime Institute
2010-11-18 10-0996408-00-00 4-wheel drive system of container transport vehicle system
2010-08-20 10-0978297-00-00 Multifunctional Container Self-Handling Device and Skew Correction System
2009-10-13 10-0922495-00-00 ALV System having Container Detection Method and Equipment
2008-12-16 10-0875451-00-00 Multifunctional Container Self-Unloading Equipment
2007-06-21 10-0732913-00-00 The Crane System having Stop Location Induction Method and Equipment SEOHO Electric
2007-01-17 10-0673291-00-00 The Crane System having Detection of a Container Load Condition Method and Equipment
2006-11-16 10-0648889-00-00 The Crane System having Driving location Detection Method and Equipment
2006-09-21 10-0629170-00-00 The Crane System having Induction of Stop Location Method and Equipment
10-0629171-00-00 The Crane System having the trailer Protection Method and Equipment
2004-07-15 10-0441756-00-00 Inverter Stack SEOHO Electric, Doowon Education Foundation
2002-02-18 10-0326537-00-00 Wobble angle measurement system SEOHO Electric